Issue 31, Brighstone Buzz, 15th June, 2018

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Dear Parents and Carers,

Love of learning and summer sunshine have come together this week as our Summer Term activities have continued to gather pace.

Wednesday’s Country Dancing Festival was a mixture of fun, excitement and maypole mayhem! We were really proud of year three for their ‘Spider’s Web’ created with precision and neatness. Year 4 matched this with their intricate ‘Barber’s Pole’ pattern – all beautifully and skillfully danced. The only complication came with a tangle during unwinding, leaving the ribbons knotted in spectacular style, all adding to the fun and memories of the day. The whole festival was an amazing event, with over 600 children taking part. A huge well done to all of the children, their behaviour was exemplary, their dancing was enthusiastic and a pleasure to watch.

Today Sycamore Class have welcomed Zoe Sadler (a local author) in to school. They spent an interesting morning questioning Zoe about her book ‘The Lighthouse Keeper – A Cautionary Tale, which they have been using to stimulate their writing linked in to their ‘Shipwrecks’ topic.

It was lovely to welcome the parents and children of our new reception class into school this week, both at the parents’ welcome evening and at this afternoon’s stay and play session. We look forward to them joining Brighstone in September.

Over the next few weeks there are a range of trips, activities and events planned. Please check the dates for your diary section carefully to ensure that you do not miss out of any of the fun.

Best Wishes, Mrs Fox

15th June Issue 31


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