Children whose 4th birthday falls between 1st September and 31st August the following year are eligible to start school in September. However, there is no obligation for a child to attend full time until the term after their 5th birthday.

If parents/carers or the Nursery/Playgroup are concerned that a child may not be mature enough to start in September, it can be discussed, and if necessary, entrance delayed until January.

At Brighstone we have a good relationship with the onsite Pre School and have developed a robust and successful induction program for starting school.

From January, a member of staff from preschool brings a group of children to visit every week, where they get to know the classroom, the school staff and some of the routines and activities that take place in school.

Parents are invited to an informal evening meeting to talk to the school staff, meet one another, see the learning environment and discuss anything they may be concerned about.

During the Summer term we offer Home Visits and these have proven to be extremely supportive in the induction process. When a child’s teachers visit their home environment they feel more confident and relaxed. This often leads to conversation at a later date as well. “I remember when you came to see me and you played with my toys.”

Parents are invited to “stay and play” sessions with their children in school during the summer.

We have had very positive feedback from parents during this process and children do settle in very quickly in September.


The Admissions Policy for entry in September 2019 at Brighstone Primary can be viewed by clicking here.

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Please contact Education Admissions on 01983 821000 or for more information click on the link below regarding placements at primary schools on the Isle of Wight.