The Governing Body

There are five types of Governors at Brighstone.

• Parent Governors elected by parents, bringing the view of parents to the Governing Body but they speak and act as individuals. They should not be thought of as delegates or “mouth pieces” of parents.
• Teacher/Support Staff Governors elected by and from amongst the staff of the school, they may be presumed to reflect views shared by their fellow member of staff
• LA Governors are appointed by the local education authority and may include elected members of the authority or its Education Committee
• Foundation Governors appointed by the Diocese and Parochial Church Council
• The Head Teacher is automatically a Governor, as Head of the School

The Governors continually monitor and reflect upon the work of the school to ensure that Brighstone C. E. Primary continues to achieve high standards and provides an excellent learning environment.

Governors are always pleased to hear the views of parents. Minutes of the Governors’ meetings and Governor information are available from the Office upon request.