Issue 4 – Brighstone Buzz – 25th September 2020

Karen News, The Buzz

Dear parents and carers,

Well, we certainly felt the chill this morning as the temperature dropped to 7-8 degrees! Despite the cold winds, standing on
the gate every day and seeing everyone’s welcoming smiles as you all come into school is certainly one of the highlights of my
job, and sets me up for the day ahead!

I had the pleasure of teaching Mrs Brear’s RWI group yesterday, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the wonderful learning
behaviours that the children in her group demonstrated. They were good listeners, they collaborated well while helping each
other with the reading, and they were really keen to learn. Well done to you all!

This week in Ainslie class, Reception have been counting with numbers up to 5 and are beginning to use the sounds they’ve
learnt to write words on magnet boards or on paper. The Year 1 group have been counting and ordering numbers to 20, and
in D.T. they made Gingerbread Men pictures with a wheel on the back to change their faces from smiling to sad.
As I was walking across the playground the other day, I heard many shocked and excited voices coming from the Y1/2 outside area.

Lambert class had found a very poorly gingerbread man with his arm missing. The children called me over in great excitement to
show me flour that had been spilt on the floor, crime scene tape strung up, and many other clues to the mystery that had taken place.                                                                                                            They were trying to track down who had caused this injury. They think it might have been a fox (or a wolf?!). What do you think?

We have some budding artists in Clover class. They have been creating pop art, building on techniques they’ve been learning.                                                                                                                              In the style of Andy Warhol, they have been duplicating an everyday object but presenting it in bold and unexpected colour schemes.                                                                                                                I’m sure you will agree, they would look perfect on any gallery wall!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Best wishes, Mrs Lennon and the Brighstone Team

Brighstone Buzz 25th September