Issue 30, Brighstone Buzz, 17th May, 2019

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Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had an eventful week that brought together a combination of hard work, excitement and activity.

On Tuesday we welcomed Mr Daniel Lambert – HMI (Her Majesties Inspector) to our school, as he completed a Section 8 monitoring visit. There will be a letter published by OFSTED following this visit and we will share it with parents when we receive it.

This has been an important week for our year 6 children, we have been really impressed by the focus, stamina and determination that they showed each day as they completed their Key Stage 2 assessments. The tests are only one moment in time and do not reflect the whole of the learning journey that the children have been on during their time at Brighstone. What really matters is the wide range of skills that all of the children have and the unique contribution that each one of them makes to the school. We would also like to thank all of the staff, volunteers and governors that came in every day to help ensure that the children had the support that they needed.

It was the turn of our Year 1 and Year 2 children to go out on a trip this week and enjoy expanding their learning opportunities outside the classroom.  They enjoyed a visit to Carisbrooke Castle, helping to give them some insight into life inside a castle. It was a great opportunity for them to experience living history in a variety of ways. Thank you very much to the BSA for their financial support for the trip. It is always appreciated that the money raised helps to contribute to lowering the cost of school visits.

I would like to finish this week by saying a huge thank you and well done to all of the children that sang in the school choir at Wolverton. They were talented, amazing and courageous we are very grateful to Melissa Jones for all the time and effort that she put into working with the children. This was a great opportunity for them that could not have been achieved without her.


Wolverton is a great event, I really enjoyed it but there is also a massive amount of hard work that goes into it. We are very lucky as a school to be able to have our BBQ and refreshments on sale and without the dedication of a few of our BSA members the fundraising from this would not be possible. Thank you to all of the parents that gave up some time to help on the day and to everyone that baked and donated cakes – your generosity makes a real difference to the school.

Best Wishes, Mrs Fox

17th May Issue 30

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