Issue 15, 10th January, 2020

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Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to the start of a New Term, New Year, New Decade! For some January is a time of resolutions – a new year, a new start but for all of us it is the beginning of a journey through the year ahead.

In our worship this week we have been thinking about the feast of Epiphany and the visit of the wise men in the Christmas story. There is much to be learnt from the perseverance and determination that they had on their journey, their moments of reflection and realisation. The children have been challenged to think about their learning as a journey and to recognise the moments of realisation in their own experiences.

The sense of belonging that the children have to the school is important and we would like to thank all of the parents who support us by ensuring that the children have the correct school uniform. Please can we ask that you continue to encourage your children to wear their uniform with pride, including the correct school shoes. If you would like support with providing the correct uniform for your child (and PE kit), please do not hesitate to contact us as we have a range of good quality second hand items that we would be happy to share with you.

This half term we will continue to develop our work on learning behaviours and our focus is going to be on independence. In order to build resilience and perseverance, it is really important that as adults we encourage the children to develop their independence; allowing them to be able to think through solving a problem before stepping in with the answer. We would like to encourage parents to join us in working with the children on building their independence.

Best wishes – Mrs Fox

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