Issue 13 – Brighstone Buzz – 11th December 2020

Karen News, The Buzz

Dear parents and carers,

Has anyone seen Rudolph? He’s gone missing—someone left the gate open and he’s run away! We’ve heard that
he’s somewhere in Brighstone, so please keep an eye out for him. Some of the Reception children have already
seen glimpses of his red nose in their gardens, so we know he’s somewhere around. Reception are going on a
reindeer hunt on Monday to see if they can find him. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled—we need to
return him to Father Christmas because he needs to guide the sleigh!

All the children have been busy rehearsing for this year’s school Nativity and, as I sit here writing this, their energetic
singing is drifting through the window, and I can see Bubble 1 shepherds, wise men, villagers, sheep, goats and more as
they practise their scenes outside on the playground, as well as children from other bubbles busy filming their scenes
across the school premises. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Hollywood calls!

Yesterday saw Robertson class experience life in the Stone Age. They tramped across fields and through mud to Visit the Stone Age at
Yafford, where they took part in a range of exciting activities led by Joy Verrinder. They ploughed fields, created cave paintings, made willow
fences and explored inside reconstructions of stone age caves. I was lucky enough to be able to pop along in the middle of the day, and they
were having great fun! They impressed the accompanying adults with their knowledge that they have gained throughout the topic, and their
behaviour was exemplary. Well done, Robertson class!

A letter was emailed (and a paper copy sent home) today about our end of term arrangements following the Department for Education’s
guidance that came out this week. Having carefully considered it, we are continuing with our original plan for the children’s last day to be
Friday 18th December. There is also information on the letter about what to do if your child develops symptoms in the Christmas holidays.
Please let the office know if you haven’t received this, or if you have any questions about it.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Best wishes, Mrs Lennon and the Brighstone Team

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Letter to parents re Covid end of term arrangements